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About Us

The Knights of Glory and Beer (KGB) is a gaming guild focused on mass siege warfare and player vs player combat. Originally created in 1997 KGB has had a signification presence in the vast majority of combat and nation building MMOs since its inception. We are predominately an adult only membership however exceptions have been made for mature individuals. The years have brought change and evolution by members and leadership to accommodate the many changes required to maintain our mission in ever changing worlds and situations. The KGB Constitution and our Code of Conduct help keep the focus on enjoying the games we play while ensuring a fun time for everyone.

KGB Constitution Code of Conduct

Mature Members

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A History of Glory

KGB's strength has always been in its ability to draw together, to find the most effective way to meet the game world's demands head on and to over come the enemy with skill and determination. A battle may be lost here and there, but KGB has never lost the War.

Honor before death

KGB Citizens have been striving to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous since 1997. In the beginning, we came together to combat those whose existence was based on ruining the gaming experience for others. Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remains. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible.

Our History

To me success means we work well together, and have fun playing. I don't think that is to much to ask, nor that hard to achieve.

- High King JetStar

Hall of Fame

The KGB Hall of Fame lists Members both current and former and their accomplishments. Retired members carry their last assigned rank or title, whichever is higher. Each member's record carries all of their awards, notable details and accomplishments.

Awards and Achievements

To this day your Hall of Fame record continues to be updated as members come and go with their achievements. Awards can be recommended based on in-game performance, as well as for out-of-game accomplishments.

Hall of Fame